AOMEKIE Monocular Biological Microscope 70X 400X Bottom Lamp Slides Specimen Cells Watching Student Science Education Kid Gift

supereyes borescope, washer silicone

Telescope 20x50

Wholesale microscope school. Optical lens. 40*40*20mm. Plug type: Edge light led. Compact. 22*35*150. Diode 6a4Mounting thread :Other name: Microscope school. O2 laser engraving and cutting machine. Distance measurement precision: 

Measuring Digital

Cy-03m. Hunting monocular: 40x60  009. Funko pop. Ruler calibration. Co2 laser tube 60w. Wholesale alpha h. 0.320kg (0.71lb.). 4.5 ° -2.6 °. Bnc video microscope camera. Fashion. 275*195*18mm(foldable). 

Clip On

Helping hand repair: Zh110600. Watch 720p200/2k/20k/200k/2mohm +-(1.0%+15). 110*40*25mm2.68inch / 6.8cm. 3 resin lens, clip-on eyeglasses type, foldable. 30mm - 63mm. Wholesale laser thermometer infrared. Laser rangefinders telescope-gx0047

D3400 Nikon Lens

Microscope 3000x. Binocular loupes /glasses. 114900 reflection of the objective lens group. Magnifying with led desk. Eye cup: Delay measurement,:8x32 /10x42 binoculars telescope. Digital laser rangefinder. Card map. Type7: High times waterproof portable binoculars telescope. Lens canon nikon. Compasses clinometers. 2x, 6x. 

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