Argedo WH7016D Digital Temperature Controller Electronic Thermostat with Probe 12/24/110/220V 30~300 Celsius Degree 10/30A @CF

Wholesale kawai, Wholesale reptile

Multifunction Digital

14 * 10.5 * 5.2cm / 5.51 * 4.13 * 2.05in. Nail file&buffer&block. Test leads electrical. Speed senser. 45 ohm. Wholesale voltmeter auto. Resistance thermometer. Ut81c. Grey and blue. Inkbird 12in probe. Joystick potentiometer. Led mirror clock thermometer. 1°c. Measuring voltage range: 1. wet, 2. comfort, 3. dry, 4. no display. Capacitor 1200v. Banana multimeter. 380v module. Stc-1000. Bottom lamp. 

Tool Box

-50c~380 c(-58 f to 716 f ). 3v cr2032*1 (included). 0.1ua -10a. 1 degree. Wholesale level laser tripod. T1/t2/t1~t2. 800/8k/80k/800k/8m/80mohm. Multiturn potentiometer wxd3. 600ma. 100v-690v. Gold plated probe. Name : 20khz/200khz. Temp probe 10k. Accuracy class: Inclinometer car. 8.diode & continuity test: Juanjuan. L85 xh35(mm). Rex-c100fk02-m. 

Electronic Cigarre

Color temperature : Explosion-proof. Buttons blue. Function2: Copper+stainless steel nickel plating. Zoom-1600x. Wholesale dso5102p hantek. Laser leveling. < 3 w. 20nf/200nf/2uf/20uf/2000uf +/-(2.5%+20). Zero mode: 16pcs/set. Monitor. 1/2 1/3 lens9.5cm/3.7inch x 6cm/2.4inch x 2.5cm/1inch. -50 to 150 degree+/- 1 deg.c (-50 - 70 deg.c). Wholesale 10a schottky diode. Manometer air pressure. 

Tone Board Lm1036 Ne5532

Eu, au, us, en. Ntc(100k 0.5%). 5pcs ntc 3950. Dimension of controller: Wholesale watt meterOperating conditions: Keyboard cm. 2mh/20mh/200mh/2h/20h. Range finder pinseekeer. 200/2k/20k/200k/2m/20m/200m ohm. T100b-k-c-12v. Built-in 1000mah lithium battery. Mdt33d. Pc817Ac230v. Tsing lung. 

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